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Sign up for 4gw (Part II)

You could simply refuse to be terrorized.  Send this to your elected officials: I am not afraid of terrorism, and I want you to stop being afraid on my behalf. Please start scaling back the official government war on terror. Please replace it with a smaller, more focused anti-terrorist police effort in keeping with the […]

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On War #244: Major Wormwood Reports

By William S. Lind From: Major Wormwood, III Section (Current Ops) To: General Screwtape, Chief-of-Staff, Supreme Infernal Headquarters, Chateau de Malpense Re: End of year net assessment Sir: Your Lucifership asked for a short report on the state of the world before the week of December 25, when all Hell is too weak to work. […]

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Global Warming, Conditional Truth, and the Rights of Heretics

By Chuck Spinney [DNI Editor’s note: An increase of even a few degrees in world average temperature over the next several decades could drown populous coastal regions, reduce the world’s stock of arable land, and perhaps accelerate the rise and intensify the effects of pandemics. Any of these could increase the likelihood of armed conflict […]

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New Book Cover

Here’s the latest mock-up of the cover of my new book, If We Can Keep It. Right now, it looks like it will come out in February

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The rise and fall and maybe rise of military reform

Two insiders of the “military reform movement” of the 1970s and ’80s have written what amounts to a tell-all: Who was in the movement, who supported it, and who claimed to support it but in the end betrayed it. The military reform movement, for those unfamiliar with the term, was a bi-partisan effort to try […]

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Cyberwarfare Comes Of Age

By Adam Elkus The digitized specter of cyberwar is haunting the boardrooms, barracks, and law offices of America. China’s audacious September 2007 infiltration of secure Pentagon networks and government servers in several other nations has powerfully demonstrated that cyberwar’s moment has arrived. Cybersecurity analysts have estimated that 120 different nations are working to evolve cyberwar […]

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DNIblog Comment Policy

Comments are encouraged that follow a few (and I would have thought self-evident) guidelines: 1. Civil (as in “a civil tongue”) 2. Legal (avoid libel, copyright, and classification issues) 3. Topical (we are not all things to all people – this blog is for the list of categories on the right menu bar) 4. Brief […]

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On War #243: Operationalizing Tactical Successes in Iraq

By William S. Lind Fourth Generation Seminar (Note: This On War column is a product of the Fourth Generation War seminar, whose earlier products include the fourth generation war manual FMFM-1A [237 KB PDF]. The seminar, which I lead, is currently composed of U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army officers, mostly captains. W.S. Lind) Recent […]

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Will Iraq’s Great Awakening Lead to a Nightmare?

Retired US Army COL Doug Macgregor has just published a critical look at this issue. While the arrangement reached by U.S. military commanders and dubbed the “Great Awakening” has allowed the administration and its allies to declare the surge a success, it carries long-term consequences that are worrisome, if not perilous. The reduction in U.S. […]

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Sign up for 4GW

      Americans are only beginning to realize what they’re up against, Inbal Nachum of the [Israeli] Home Front Command says forebodingly. “Americans don’t understand — you don’t understand — what it is like… [when terrorism] just is … just is the reality. “They say the difference is that in America talk is about preventing terrorism; […]

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