Adaptive Leadership Conference

cover_adaptive_leadership1.jpg The Critical Incident Management Institute at Greenville (SC) Tech will host the first annual Adaptive Leadership Symposium on March 19, 2008. The focus of the symposium will be creating leaders (and therefore organizations) that can use the OODA loop model to survive crises and periods of rapid change.

Speaking at the symposium will be:

  • MAJ Don Vandergriff, USA, Ret., author of The Path to Victory and who wrote the book, Raising the Bar, on adaptive leadership
  • Col Mike Wyly, USMC, Ret., “godfather” of maneuver warfare in the USMC and executive director of the Bossov Ballet Theater
  • Dale Stewart, noted preparedness expert and author of On Your Own, a step-by-step guide for personal and family preparedness
  • Chet Richards, editor of DNI and author of Certain to Win and the forthcoming If We Can Keep It.

For more information and to register, please download the attached Adaptive Leadership Conference Brochure (234 KB) or contact Greenville Tech at (864) 250-8800.

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4 Responses to “Adaptive Leadership Conference”

  1. Fabius Maximuson 19 Jan 2008 at 8:19 pm 1

    For more on this subject, you might find this two part article by MAJ Vandergriff (USA, Ret.) of interest:

    Old Dogs Teaching New Tricks: the Adaptive Leaders Course — Part I, ARMY (November 2007)$File/Vandergriff.pdf?OpenElement

    Old Dogs Teaching New Tricks: the Adaptive Leaders Course — Part II, ARMY (December 2007)$File/Vendergriff.pdf?OpenElement

    For a complete listing of Vandergriff’s online articles see: “The Essential 4GW reading list: Chapter Two, Donald Vandergriff”

  2. Cheton 19 Jan 2008 at 9:44 pm 2

    Fabius —

    Good point. Virtually all of Vandergriff’s work has been with the military, particularly the Army. This will be a rare opportunity for leaders from the business, law enforcement, and emergency response communities to meet Don.

    Would suggest people coming to the symposium also glance through the authors’ books. I didn’t recommend one for Mike Wyly, but he was the primary force behind the original Warfighting (FMFM1), which can be obtained from used booksellers on Amazon as well as downloaded from several web sites. He also provided the exercises included with Bill Lind’s Maneuver Warfare Handbook.

  3. Cheton 26 Jan 2008 at 10:26 pm 3

    Re: Mike Wyly

    We have a copy of his paper, “Thinking Like Marines” — one of the first and still probably the best description of maneuver warfare in a business environment — posted on

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