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On War #252: Fools Rush In

By William S. Lind If the Balkans had an anthem, it would be that 1950’s doo-wop hit, “Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.” The latest Balkan fools are the United States and the European Union, which have rushed in to recognize what Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica rightly calls the “fake state of […]

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Crises and the Decline of the State

By Ed Beakley In On War #251, “War or not war?” Bill Lind wrote: At the core of 4GW lies a crisis of legitimacy of the state. A development that contributes to the state’s crisis of legitimacy is the disintegration of community (Gemeinschaft). Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of the […]

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Mass Murder, Men, and the Decline of the State

By Dr. Vomact Some deeds raise questions. Some speak so loudly, you might say they are themselves questions. The recent vogue of mass murders, done by a single individual who walks into a crowded public space and commences firing for no apparent reason belongs to this latter class. The press and public ask why anyone […]

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On War #251: War or Not War?

By William S. Lind Between February 8 and February 14, four American schools suffered attacks by lone gunmen. The most recent, at Northern Illinois University on February 14, saw five killed (plus the gunman) and 16 wounded. Similar attacks have occurred elsewhere, including shopping malls. Is this war? I don’t think so. Some proponents of […]

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Check it out at Just a quick reminder: Don will be presenting some of his adaptive leadership techniques at the Adaptive Leadership Conference on March 19. There are still places available, and as an extra, added bonus, attendees will get to hear from Mike Wyly (how to get your organization to embrace these techniques), […]

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Hardware, …, ideas, people

The FY2009 DoD budget proposal calls for increases ranging from 100% to 400% in TRICARE (the military medical program for active duty and retirees) pharmacy fees, moving TRICARE in a single step from one of the best drug benefit programs to one that is decidedly second rate.

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On War #250: Counter Counter-Insurgency

By William S. Lind Retired Air Force Colonel Chet Richards has published another short, good book: If We Can Keep It: A National Security Manifesto for the Next Administration. The “it” in question is a republic, which we are unlikely to keep since republics require a virtuous citizenry. But suggesting a rational, prudent defense policy […]

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“Stunningly irresponsible”

That’s how former OMB official Gordon Adams described congressional proposals to mandate annual spending of 4% of GDP on the DoD baseline (i.e., not including Iraq, Afghanistan, and certain programs related to national defense but funded in other departments). This would raise the baseline from the $515 BN in the FY 2009 budget request to […]

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If We Can Keep It – Briefing

Download a a short PowerPoint presentation (444 KB) highlighting some of the themes from my new book, If We Can Keep It: A National Security Manifesto for the Next Administration. [The book is now available on Amazon.]

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Unintended, but predictable, consequences

Statement Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight By: Douglas Macgregor, PhD, Colonel (ret) U.S. Army February 8, 2008 Click here to download (68 KB PDF) COL MacGregor provides a penetrating analysis of the implications of ad-hoc agreements with the current Iraqi government. We can’t say we […]

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