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The Road to Delhi

Retired USMC Colonel TX Hammes has an article in Small Wars Journal that merits your attention (anything TX writes merits attention, for that matter).  As he explains, our activities in Afghanistan are beginning to threaten our relations not only with Pakistan, but with India.  Is this part of a well thought out plan, or just […]

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OODA loops? Shmooda loops!

The Family Business Exec MBA program is now underway, and time is becoming a fond and distant memory.  I did check James Fallows’ blog today and found a most interesting post by my old friend Chuck Spinney.  Chuck is sailing somewhere in the eastern Med but I guess he’s found a marina with good Internet […]

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Boyd08 Moving Ahead

Boyd 2008 Conference Agenda – Moving from Theory to Action The first draft agenda for the December 6-7 conference is now up on Rob Paterson’s blog.  Please look it over and, if you haven’t already done so, join the discussion on the Boyd08 blog.

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Fabius is an incurable optimist!

Compared to Rob Paterson, my co-organizer on the 2008 Boyd Conference. As Laura Conaway over on NPR’s Plant Money blog described him in a piece yesterday: Friend, social media guru and former investment banker Robert Paterson spies the worst in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse. Paterson writes, “It is not a blip. It […]

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On War #273: Defending the Baltics

By William S. Lind I recently returned from Estonia and the Baltic Defence College, where the Russian counter-attack on Georgia had left a residual case of nerves. They have little to fear in the short run, unless they duplicate Georgia’s folly and attack Russia. But the question of how the Baltics might be defended is […]

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Congrats to Zenpundit

for passing 300,000 visitors and 500,000 pageviews. Zenpundit covers many of the same issues that we do, but takes a somewhat more eclectic approach.

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Estonian Seminar a Great Success

Here’s the report on the Boyd Conference held on 26 August at the Baltic Defence college in Tartu, Estonia.  Three of the giants of the genre — Bill Lind, Grant Hammond, and Frans Osinga — made presentations and participated in panel discussions. Congratulations to the college for what appears to have been an exciting and […]

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Is McCain Inside Obama’s OODA loop?

Charlie Martin makes the claim in The American Thinker that McCain’s choice of Palin as his running mate shows that McCain is inside Obama’s OODA loop: At this point, we’re seeing that McCain is completely within the Obama campaign’s OODA loop — they are out-thinking them and out-acting them — and very probably the McCain […]

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