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Revision to Bad Juju

Removed the word “prolonged” on page 4. Download Bad Juju v2. GI notes that it was not prolonged solitary confinement that they were considering; it was the imposition of anywhere between 0-90 days of solitary confinement, added to a sentence of being hung by the neck until dead, that was considered to be too onerous.  […]

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On War #298: Another War Lost?

by William S. Lind 30 March 2009 With the usual fanfare, the Obama administration has proclaimed a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. On the surface, it does not amount to much. But if a story by Bill Gertz in the March 26 Washington Times is correct, there is more to it than meets […]

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Bad Bad Juju: Sensory Deprivation and Solitary Confinement

By G. I. Wilson Download Bad Juju v2 (74 KB PDF). DNI Editor’s note: After retiring from the Marine Corps, Colonel GI Wilson was recalled to active duty and served two tours in Iraq. In 1989, he was one of the co-authors of the original paper on fourth generation warfare; in civilian life, he has […]

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The DNA of Corruption, v. 2

With revisions by Chuck and the correct link to Simon Johnson’s essay, “The Quiet Coup.”  Now posted just below.

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The DNA of Corruption

by Chuck Spinney Anchored off Marmaris, Turkey 29 March 2009 Version 2 Over the course of my 33 year career in the Defense Department, first as an Air Force officer, then as a civilian, the central thrust my efforts evolved without design into a focus aimed at understanding why the Pentagon bureaucracy, the American military, […]

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U.S. Agency Readies Controversial Shift of Nuclear Component Work

Friday, March 27, 2009 By Elaine M. Grossman Global Security Newswire WASHINGTON — The U.S. agency that oversees the nation’s nuclear weapons complex is shifting design work on a key warhead component — the tritium gas system — from one government laboratory to another, a move that is generating some controversy (see GSN, Nov. 10, […]

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On War #297: Tactics Over Strategy Again?

William S. Lind 23 March 2009 Several weeks ago, a U.S. Navy survey ship, the Impeccable, was harassed by the Chinese in waters off Hainan Island. The Chinese have built a major submarine base on Hainan Island, and the newest classes of Chinese nuclear submarines are based there. The Impeccable’s obvious mission was to collect […]

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Publisher’s Weekly on ADM

Quotes Stanford U. as saying the work is “academically strong” and “controversial.” I’ve been called worse, although perhaps they aren’t referring to my chapter. Read the full article.

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Fourth Generation War and the Death of the State: Suicide not Murder

Timothy Gawne 23 March 2009 The greatest threat facing states in the world today is not invasion by other states — although that may happen from time to time — but, as Bill Lind suggests, a crisis in the legitimacy of the state itself. This does not imply, however, that the focus should be placed […]

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On War #296: Responses

William S. Lind March 17, 2009 As regular readers of this column know, I usually do not see responses to it because I will not use a computer. (I explain my reasons for that in a forthcoming book, due out in April, The Next Conservatism.) A colleague at Zossen recently put together some responses to […]

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