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Articles of interest

Although you may have seen these, they make interesting reading in combination. For those wondering why piracy is so hard to eradicate, it’s for the same reason that other highly irregular forms of conflict present such difficulties:  The participants are hard to find and harder to identify.  J. Peter Pham has an article that explains […]

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On War #300: Retrospective

By William S. Lind April 15, 2009 The 300th column in this series offers a useful point from which to look back. Events since On War #1 have, I think, generally validated the Four Generations framework. Iraq was not a “cakewalk,” nor did our initial invasion of Afghanistan “eviscerate” the Taliban. Mullah Omar proved the […]

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ADM now available in paperback

From Stanford University Press. Order online from Amazon, $13.57 in paperback or $9.99 for Kindle (or iPhone). Enjoy, and if anybody would like to do a review, please let me know.

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The real awakening in Iraq

A few days ago, I posted some observations from an anonymous analyst on the deterioriating situation in Iraq.  At about the same time, Tom Ricks, one of our most insightful reporters on Iraq and the Middle East, was coming to many of the same conclusions. It’s too early to tell how this will play out, […]

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Gates starts the process

No, not the process of paring away Cold War weapons systems.  His recommendations were eminently sensible in that regard, and for those who consider them boringly tame, consider this ancient wisdom:  The Administration proposes, Congress disposes. What I’m referring to is the process predicted by Fabius Maximus in his column of 19 March: After this […]

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On War #299: Another Vandergriff Book

by William S. Lind April 6, 2009 Don Vandergriff has published another book, which is good news for all who care about the future of the U.S. Army. Titled Manning the Future Legions of the United States: Finding and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Don’s new book brings together many strands of Army reform to create a […]

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The World in Our Image

The following was contributed by one of the country’s top defense analysts (who requests to remain anonymous for reasons more of timing than politics).  Although I discourage anonymous contributions, they do have the advantage of allowing you to judge ideas independent of the (in this case, formidable) reputation of their authors.

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