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Ave Caesar!

SWJ’s Dave Dilegge takes on Ralph Peters (Go Dave!) As Dave notes, the urge to solve political and social problems with brute force runs deep. Near the end, Dave quotes Steve Metz of the US Army War College [– see correction in the first comment, below]: As always, I’m green with envy over Ralph’s way […]

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Dawn of the Cognetic Age

Air Force Lt Col Bruce Johnson has written an interesting article for the Winter 2007 edition of the Air & Space Power Journal. To grossly oversimplify, he’s proposing applying the principles of maneuver warfare to what is sometimes called “information operations” or more recently, “soft power.” He writes: By means of cognetics, the United States […]

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A Prisoner to Primacy

What do you do when you fail in the “marketplace of ideas”? You could give force a chance. Carl Conneta at the Project on Defense Alternatives has written an interesting piece on this subject. He observes that Using military power to prevent the emergence of threats often implies treating actors who are not preparing or […]

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On War #242: Academics Awake!

 By William S. Lind Tom Lehrer sang of ivy-covered professors in their ivy-covered halls, and seldom indeed does anything worth reading come from academia. Between the stultifying effects of cultural Marxism, aka Political Correctness, and the narrowness demanded by über-specialization, academia offers only hard and stoney ground to the fragile seeds that are new insights. […]

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Progress in Iraq

Is this beginning to sound familiar? Already, a walk through neighborhoods where the volunteer groups are active is an unsettling experience. Small groups of young armed men guard street corners, while others ride in open trucks. In many areas they wear camouflage uniforms that resemble military ones, making it hard to tell whom they work […]

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Arrows In The Eagle’s Claw — Chapter II, About 4GW Analysts

On his blog: Another tour de force from Fabius Maximus.  (Does this guy have a day job?)

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Dirty bombs

The recent arrest of three men in Slovakia charged with trying to sell enriched uranium has renewed interest in “dirty bombs.” These are conventional bombs that have been wrapped with radioactive material. When the bomb detonates, the material is dispersed over an area making it unfit for use and possibly causing anybody in the area […]

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