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Strategic Cultural Analysis

What it is, why it’s important, and what OODA loops have to do with it. Framework for Strategic Cultural Analysis, by John Stanton.  To be presented at Cranfield,  the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, in June (1.2 MB PDF).

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On War # 260: Ancient History

William S. Lind May 27, 2008 When the world was young and hope dared live in Washington, a small group of people put together something called the Military Reform Movement. Its purpose was to measure defense policies and programs by the standard of what works in combat rather than who benefits financially. Launched in the […]

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Congratulations to Fabius Maximus

On the occasion of his 150,000th page view and 1,500th comment. I would like to point out that at the time we moved him off DNI and over to his own blog, I was the only member of the team who had no doubts whatsoever about his impending success.

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Warning order

The 2008 Boyd Conference is now scheduled for December 6 & 7 At the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown. Festivities will start with happy hour on the evening of December 5th. The reason for the slip was not to ensure that attendees get a real taste of late fall Canadian weather — because the […]

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Hoss Sense

You may not know the Pentagon’s No. 2 officer, but he is shaking things up and is prepared to do even more under a new president. Sat. May. 24, 2008 by Elaine M. Grossman James Cartwright has a passion for Pop-Tarts. Not the fruity flavors, mind you: no blueberry and no strawberry. But bring this […]

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The second most important story this week

Fabius Maximus has outdone himself this week in his post “The Most Important Story in This Week’s Newspapers.”  To summarize:  If we don’t get our economic house in order, it won’t make much difference whether the F-35 meets requirements because we won’t be buying any of them. All right — it’s a loose summary, but […]

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On War #259: Evaluating 4GW Missions

By William S. Lind I spent last week with the Royal Marines in Plymouth, England, at a conference where they were trying to prepare intellectually for deployment to Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Inspired perhaps by the atmosphere of historic Stonehouse Barracks, where Marines who served at Trafalgar once drilled, I came up with an approach to […]

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None dare call it “appeasment”

The problem is that everybody’s calling it appeasement, without, it seems, taking the time to learn what it means. Chris Matthews recently took right-wing radio host Kevin James to task on this point — for foaming “appeasement” at the mouth but not knowing who Neville Chamberlain was [transcript]. But even Matthews didn’t get it quite […]

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Killing Rommel

by Steven Pressfield New York: Doubleday, 2008 295 pp. DNI Review by Chet Richards, Editor 16 May 2008 Reviewing fiction is always a challenge because you can’t pillar the author for failing to establish a thesis. Although you can criticize such things as character development, or loose threads in the plot lines, or even an […]

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Learning the Right Lessons from Iraq

In the “how did I miss this?” category: “Learning the Right Lessons from Iraq,” by Benjamin H. Friedman, Harvey Sapolsky and Christopher Preble, The Cato Institute, Policy Analysis no. 610, February 13, 2008.

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