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The road to hell

is, of course, paved with good intentions. And who has better intentions than the ban-the-bomb crowd? Carla Anne Robbins has an editorial today in the NYT advocating such a course and lining up impressive supporters: Two decades later [after Reagan and Gorbachev had floated the idea], a who’s who of the national security establishment – […]

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Happy Tunguska Day

That would be today, the 100-year anniversary of when a small (maybe 40m) something exploded over  Siberia, devastating several hundred square miles. Andrew C. Revkin blogs in the NYT on the status of efforts to protect us from collision with asteroids, comets, and meteors.  Duck-and-cover: To a person, they said the lawmakers they worked for […]

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Expeditionary Law Enforcement

By John P. Sullivan and Adam Elkus Washington is overflowing with foreign policy proposals for the next administration. Think-tankers of all political stripes are looking for a big idea to revolutionize American foreign policy. Missing from the equation, however, are new solutions for America’s problems with counterinsurgency (COIN) and stabilization operations. The goal of these […]

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On War #264: The Yellow Press

By William S. Lind June 23, 2008 A person my age has watched many things decline in America, and few get better. As one of my neighbors says, everything good is gone or going. In that category we must now include good reporting. When I started work in Washington in 1973, it was axiomatic that […]

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On War #263: Don’t Miss the Train

By William S. Lind June 16, 2008 Improbably, an opportunity has arisen in Iraq for the U.S. to attain two of its most important goals, namely obtaining some legitimacy for the al-Maliki “government” and getting American troops out. This could be the last international express leaving Baghdad Central Station, and we should be on it.

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BBC Honors Fabius Maximus

Links to him, anyway, on their “BBC Today” page. As of 1130 EDT, the page at linked to “The geopolitics of inflation, an introduction“.

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On War #262: Pyrrhic Victory

William S. Lind June 9, 2008 Robert Doughty’s Pyrrhic Victory: French Strategy and Operations in the Great War, published in 2005, completes his trilogy on the French Army from 1914 to 1940. Both of his other books, The Seeds of Disaster, which is the definitive history of French Army doctrinal development between the wars, and […]

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Boyd Conference in Estonia

The Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia, is hosting a conference on Boyd’s influence on contemporary strategic thought, 26 August 2008. Bill Lind, Grant Hammond, and Frans Osinga are scheduled to participate. For more information, please download the attached announcement (158 KB PDF). For advice on transportation and lodging, please contact the POC at the […]

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Revenge of the Road Warrior

Finally, a decline-of-the-state book that not only doesn’t depend on Martin van Creveld’s work, but doesn’t even mention it. And it’s a pretty good one. FROM THE NEW MIDDLE AGES TO A NEW DARK AGE: THE DECLINE OF THE STATE AND U.S. STRATEGY, by Phil Williams. Dr. Williams is Visiting Research Professor at the Army’s […]

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A fourth generation war near you

John Robb picks up the “Mexico is next” theme in a post on Global Guerrillas that I highly recommend. While the world is still focused on the Middle East, the real action has shifted closer to home: The only existential threat the US faces in the near term is from global guerrillas in Mexico and […]

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