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New 4GW Tactical Decision Games (TDG) Manual

A greatly expanded version (95 pp. / 2.5 MB PDF) is now available from our 4GW Manuals page. Written by the 4GW Seminar at Quantico, this edition also includes Red Team games and potential solutions to problems. As an aside, and perhaps someone with experience could comment, but after editing this manual, I feel like […]

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Fabius Gets Real

For the occasional visitor to DNI who isn’t also reading Fabius Maximus, I suggest a quick trip over to “The Last Opportunity for Effective Action Before Disaster Strikes.” As he points out, the government has tried at least 15 initiatives to contain the escalating financial crisis since it began in December 2006. You can tell […]

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John Robb to Keynote 2008 Boyd Conference

John has most kindly agreed to keynote the 2008 Boyd Conference, December 6 and 7, at the University of Prince Edward Island. As most visitors to this site are well aware, John is the author of the acclaimed book, Brave New War, which makes a compelling case for increasing resilience at the local level. For […]

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On War #276: War on Two Fronts, Without Railways

By William S. Lind September 30, 2008 One way to look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is to see them as one war with two fronts.  Germany fought two-front wars twice in the 20th century, and it was almost able to prevail because it had the advantage of interior lines.  The German Army […]

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