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Boyd 2008: Community resources

Amy Shaw, VP of marketing for public TV station KETC in St. Louis, is talking about how public resources, such as NPR and public television, can make an immediate impact on resilience.  In her case, the effort was to unite the community — to harmonize orientations — around understanding a problem and its potential solutions. […]

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Robb on resilience

The way to design stability into the system in an environment of “black swans” is to make the lowest level component as autonomous as possible.  This isn’t survivalism (you can only store so much food, for example).  A better strategy is to structure communities with a set of the skills needed to function and then […]

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John Robb is on

In several senses of the word.  He’s outlining the properties of the “global supersystem”:  Too big, too complex, too fast.  As a result, we’ve entered an era for which we have no experience base and for which we have no effective tools. Things like the global financial meltdown, peak oil, etc., are not black swans […]

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Boyd 2008 Has Started

At the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.  We’ve got about 25 people — a dedicated core, to say the least.  There will be video later, probably next week.  As most of you know, the theme is local resilience.  The host, Rob Paterson, is now doing the intro, followed by my 30 min Boyd refresher. […]

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On War #284: More 4GW Operational Art

by William S. Lind 3 December 2008 Applying operational art in Fourth Generation war is so difficult it is hard to point to many successful examples of it. The recent assaults in Bombay are among the few and also among the best, bordering on brilliant. We may regret brilliance on the part of our opponents, […]

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Implications of Mumbai

J.B. Longley 2 December 2008 Republished with permission [Jim Longley is Executive Director of the Advanced Technical Intelligence Association, formerly the MASINT Association.] From time to time, events occur that compel us to pause and seriously reflect on their potential significance to the technical intelligence community. The Mumbai attack may present one of those rare […]

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