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On War #293: The Price of Bad Tactics

by William S. Lind February 23, 2009 For the gazillionth time, the U.S. military in Afghanistan had to announce last week that an American airstrike killed civilians. The incident followed a familiar pattern. We first announced that 15 insurgents were killed, then had to climb down, finding after an official investigation that only three of […]

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Was Boyd Really The Dark Knight?

It’s unlikely. But  I think he might have liked the movie. Consider: The Joker: I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and I turned it on itself. Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets. Now compare that with: The […]

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Stanford University Press Picks Up ADM

I am most pleased to announce that Stanford University Press has taken over publication of America’s Defense Meltdown.  The hardcover edition will be available March 20, but  the Kindle Edition is available now (for $9.99). The editor of the volume, Winslow Wheeler, has announced that CDI has exhausted the original printing.  Many thanks to the […]

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On War #292: Two Elections

by William S. Lind February 17, 2009 In many Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, the story line depends on some sort of magic elixir or potion. Similarly, the advocates for Brave New World tell us the comic opera called “democracy” flows from the magic of elections. Just hold elections and presto!, wars vanish. Regrettably, BNW’s music […]

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On War #291: New 4GW Literature

by William S. Lind February 10, 2009 Beyond the mindlessness of airstrikes in Afghanistan and elections (that decide nothing) in Iraq, the body of thoughtful literature about 4GW continues to expand. The latest offering, and an important one, is Michael Vlahos’s new book, Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change. Vlahos offers a useful follow-on […]

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Edits to FMFM-1A

The 4GW manual.  Corrects a few omissions inadvertently left out of the 12 August edition, including footnotes and a sidebar on Swedish military intelligence. Download from our 4GW Manuals page.

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Who was this “Kaiser Bill”?

By Dr. Vomact [Editor’s note.  Dr. V describes himself thusly: There’s the usual dry facts: Dr. V was born in Munich in 1948, educated at Berkeley (B.A.) and University of Oregon (Ph.D. in philosophy). Once in his life, he took someone else’s advice and switched from philosophy to computer software. He found the pay scale […]

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On War #290: Blowback Revisited

William S. Lind February 3, 2009 Some time ago, I wrote a column warning that our involvement in Fourth Generation wars overseas would spur 4GW here at home. One way it would do so is by introducing soldiers to statelessness. I do not see e-mail, but I was told that column generated lots of it. […]

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