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On War #302: Blinders

by William S. Lind 28 April 2009 At the height of the Cold War, a U.S. army corps commander in Europe asked for information on his Soviet opposite, the commander of the corps facing him across the inter-German border. All the U.S. intelligence agencies, working with classified material, came up with very little. He then […]

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Latest U-Boat Threat

Another set of interesting posts to ponder together this week. Sunday’s NYT Magazine ran a fascinating feature on semi-submersibles used by Colombian cartels to bring cocaine close to the US, where it is offloaded to speedboats for the final leg. The sub itself is then scuttled (it’s made out of wood and fiberglass for the […]

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“JOURNAL: Disaster Planageddon”

For John Robb’s response to How afraid should we be? — click here. [Whether you agree with anything John and I have to say on this or any other subject, I think you’ll have to admit that our game of cyber tennis is what blogging is all about.  You can play a few sets too, […]

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How afraid should we be?

John Robb, author of Brave New War, appears to take issue with my injunction to stop being afraid of our own shadows when it comes to attack by terrorism: Unlike a year ago, any attack on US commercial areas (retail, transportation, etc.) will have outsized network effects. Here’s why. Due to a global economic collapse […]

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The Future of DoD

After tackling Somalia and scientific warfare, I thought I’d try something easier, like restructuring the Dept. of Defense.  As some of you know, I’ve written three books on this subject, starting with A Swift, Elusive Sword in 2001, all exploring the notion that the force we built to deter and if necessary fight the Soviet […]

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What to do about Somalia

Beats hell out of me.  First, it’s not clear that there really is a Somalia — the CIA World Factbook identifies the Republic of Somaliland and a self-declared autonomous state of Puntland as making strides towards legitimate, representative government.  New states, in other words. Second, the only reasons most Americans care at all about Somalia, […]

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On War #301: Escaping the 2GW Trap

William S. Lind April 20, 2009 As the U.S. sends thousands more American soldiers to Afghanistan, it risks speeding its own defeat in that graveyard of empires. Why? Because the Second Generation practice of the U.S. military reduces tactics to little more than bumping into the enemy and calling for fire. The fire, most often […]

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From James Fallows’ blog: Does this mean that everything Gates proposes is right, that the defense budget has been pared to the essentials, and that all systemic problems have been solved? Of course not. The best single starting point for the necessary ongoing critique is the venerable “Defense and the National Interest” site here, or […]

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The Scientific Way of Warfare

DNI Review of The Scientific Way of Warfare by Antoine Bousquet (Columbia U. Press, 2009; 244 pp.)  Amazon : $28. by Chet Richards Ordinarily I wouldn’t feel qualified to review a work that has 20 references to Clausewitz in its index while mentioning Sun Tzu only in relation to business strategy and that in a […]

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Security update 2

We have removed the phishing links that had been inserted into the footer of the site (you would have seen “Herbal Remedies” at the bottom of the page.) However, please be cautious when visiting this or any blog.  And keep your Microsoft/Apple/Linux operating system up to date — many Trojans and worms exploit weaknesses that […]

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