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4GW comes to a town near you

More precisely, near me: “Quiet Atlanta suburbs draw drug cartels” The Mexican cartels responsible for transporting 99 percent of illicit drugs into the United States are “studiously low-key,” said Jack Killorin, director of the Atlanta High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force. “They are trying not to interact in the communities in a way which […]

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On War #305: The Future is Now

by William S. Lind 19 May 2009 For years, I have warned in these columns and elsewhere that the future weapon of mass destruction we should most fear is not a nuke. Rather, it is a genetically engineered plague, a plague no one has ever seen before and against which no one has any immunity. […]

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On War #304: The Balkans Again

by William S. Lind 12 May 2009 A story I read years ago culminated with the protagonist holed up in a cheap hotel in the Balkans, listening unwillingly through the paper-thin wall as the man in the room next door beat his wife. As he pummeled her, she cried again and again, “Balkan! Balkan!” “Balkan,” […]

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Adaptive Leadership Training in DoD

Developing an Adaptability Training Strategy and Policy for the DoD Interim Report (1.5 MB PDF) William R. Burns, Jr. Waldo D. Freeman Institute for Defense Analysis, October 2008 Excerpts: Among Army pilot efforts, the Adaptive Leader Methodology (ALM) originated by Major Don Vandergriff (ret.) while teaching ROTC at Georgetown University illustrates the critical role played […]

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On War #303: Rehearsal

by William S. Lind May 4, 2009 Thus far, the great swine flu “pandemic” exists mainly in newspaper headlines. “World Ends Tomorrow” always sells a few extra papers. I’m waiting for the Onion: “Pigs flu.” If swine flu follows the route of its 1918-1919 predecessor, receding over the summer, then coming back in a more […]

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Security of DNI

As I have mentioned, we’re being routinely hacked. So far, the only evidence I can find is a large number of spurious links hidden in the footer (the dark brown area at the bottom of the page).  However, once hackers gain access, articles posted on the Inernet suggest that there is little limit to what […]

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The Epistemology of Strategy

by Richard Maltz 1 May 2009 [A slightly revised version of the original presented at the Army War College 2009 Strategy Conference] I. Introduction. I have been asked to speak to you today about the most exciting subject in the world … Epistemology. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Epistemology […]

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DNI Site Warning

We are being routinely hacked and spurious links are being added to the footer.  We are deleting them as quickly as we can find them, but for now, please do not click any links in the footer. If anybody has any ideas for securing the site, I’d be most appreciative.  It’s a WordPress 2.7.1 blog […]

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