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On War # 313: War of Exhaustion or War of Maneuver?

William S. Lind 25 August 2009 The war in Afghanistan appears to have settled into the category Delbrueck called “wars of exhaustion.” If it remains there, the U.S. cannot win. The American people will become exhausted long before the Pashtun do. In this respect America’s situation is similar to that Germany faced in World War […]

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Fabius crosses his Rubicon

Neutrality on the Afghan War is no longer an option: Hawks usually give two justifications for the war: to prevent another 9-11, and to build a stable and “good” Afghanistan (good being defined in many ways — cherishing human rights, prosperous, democratic, etc). The first is the Big Lie. … That should give you the […]

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Inside Obama Administration, a Tug of War Over Nuclear Warheads

by Elaine M. Grossman August 18, 2009 Global Security Newswire WASHINGTON — U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in early June blocked a Defense Department bid to revive a defunct program aimed at fielding modern nuclear warheads across the strategic arsenal, according to those familiar with the episode (see GSN, June 24). Defense Secretary Robert Gates […]

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New 4GW Manuals

We’ve just posted a new version of FMFM 1-A, Fourth Generation Warfare, along with two new manuals: FMFM 3-23 Air Cooperation FMFM 3-25 How to Fight in a 4th Generation Insurgency All of these are available from our 4GW Manuals page. These manuals for the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Marine Corps were produced by the […]

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On War #312: The Silence of the Sheep

William S. Lind 4 August 2009 In early July, U.S. Army Colonel Timothy Reese committed truth. According to a story by Michael Gordon in the New York Times (reprinted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where I saw it), Colonel Reese wrote … an unusually blunt memo (concluding) that Iraqi forces suffer from entrenched deficiencies but […]

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