A Grand Strategy of Sustainment

Shawn Brimley has a new post on this subject at Small Wars Journal:

The Bush administration has pursued a foreign policy that is narrow in its view, negative in its purpose, and has produced negligible results. Americans deserve a grand strategy that is panoramic in view, positive in its purpose, and persuasive as a basis for the continued exercise of American power. …

Finally, America must respect the rule of law and civil liberties at home in order to renew and sustain its role as an example of how a modern liberal democracy can function. The best way for America to promote the growth of democracy abroad is to refine and highlight its practice at home.

To which I can only add, “Hear! Hear!”

On the face of it, he may be asking us to do more than we can or should. Instead of “… the United States must ensure access to the global commons – air, sea, space, and cyberspace” it might work better as “The United States must work with its allies and other interested parties to ensure access to …” but this is a minor nit and seems to accord with what Brimley intends.

An interesting piece and I recommend it highly (kudos to Dave Dilegge at SWJ for publishing it).

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