Adaptive Leadership Conference

cover_adaptive_leadership1.jpg The Critical Incident Management Institute at Greenville (SC) Tech will host the first annual Adaptive Leadership Symposium on March 19, 2008. The focus of the symposium will be creating leaders (and therefore organizations) that can use the OODA loop model to survive crises and periods of rapid change.

Speaking at the symposium will be:

  • MAJ Don Vandergriff, USA, Ret., author of The Path to Victory and who wrote the book, Raising the Bar, on adaptive leadership
  • Col Mike Wyly, USMC, Ret., “godfather” of maneuver warfare in the USMC and executive director of the Bossov Ballet Theater
  • Dale Stewart, noted preparedness expert and author of On Your Own, a step-by-step guide for personal and family preparedness
  • Chet Richards, editor of DNI and author of Certain to Win and the forthcoming If We Can Keep It.

For more information and to register, please download the attached Adaptive Leadership Conference Brochure (234 KB) or contact Greenville Tech at (864) 250-8800.

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