Boyd Blogging Bonanza

From zenpundit:

On Monday February 4th, Chicago Boyz will be hosting a blogging roundtable on Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd by Colonel Frans P. Osinga. Slightly over ten years since his death, the influential strategist and iconoclastic USAF Colonel John Boyd remains a subject of controversy despite the fact that (or more likely, because) many of his ideas impacted and informed military “transformation”, Network-centric Operations and the theory of 4th Generation Warfare.

The full introductory post will be made on Monday but I am proud to say that we have a very strong stable of reviewers and that the author, Dr. Osinga, has agreed to participate in the discussion.

Boyd died on March 9, 1997, and his influence continues to grow (both Air Force Magazine and the Marine Corps Gazette have articles featuring Boyd’s concepts in their February 2008 issues). Celebrate his life by checking out the blogging roundtable on Monday.

The DNI review of Science, Strategy, and War.

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