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Suspended Animation

Welcome to Defense and the National Interest!  After a ten-year run of analysis, commentary, and discussion, DNI is no longer generating new content.  The site is now maintained and preserved for your reading pleasure by the Project On Government Oversight.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to POGO’s web manager.

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AF Intel Head Embraces 4GW

Although he may not realize it: Its not just in the technology realm that America’s enemies are seeking advantage.. Unable to counter the U.S. dominance in long-range strike, enemies in wars use information operations among the people to influence perceptions about civilian casualties and deny the U.S. ability to leverage its asymmetric advantages. Deptula said […]

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Pressfield on Tribalism

Some of you may recall that a while back, October 2006 to be exact, DNI ran an op-ed by Steve Pressfield on tribalism. Now, the novelist (Gates of Fire, The Afghan Campaign, Killing Rommel, etc.) has a new video blog series about tribalism. He maintains that “The enemy in Afghanistan today (and in Iraq and […]

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Bad Bad Juju: Sensory Deprivation and Solitary Confinement

By G. I. Wilson Download Bad Juju v2 (74 KB PDF). DNI Editor’s note: After retiring from the Marine Corps, Colonel GI Wilson was recalled to active duty and served two tours in Iraq. In 1989, he was one of the co-authors of the original paper on fourth generation warfare; in civilian life, he has […]

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America’s Defense Meltdown

Sometime within the next few weeks, the Center for Defense Information will publish a major anthology by the A-List of the shadow defense establishment.  Plus, I have a chapter. This is a unique volume by a collection of authors that have never collaborated to this degree before and, it is safe to predict, will never […]

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“Options other than war:

What they are, and why” has just been published in the International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management. For those of you with access to the academic press, the citation is: Richards, C. (2008) ‘Operations other than war: what they are, and why’, Int. J. Risk Assessment and Management, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp.376-393. The […]

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Support our troops

An impassioned yet well-researched plea by E. E. Riccioni, a veteran AF fighter pilot and charter member of the Fighter Mafia (99 KB PDF). About the author:  I first met Rich Riccioni about 35 years ago, when I was a junior staffer doing grunt work for a tac air shop in the Office of the […]

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New 4GW Tactical Decision Games (TDG) Manual

A greatly expanded version (95 pp. / 2.5 MB PDF) is now available from our 4GW Manuals page. Written by the 4GW Seminar at Quantico, this edition also includes Red Team games and potential solutions to problems. As an aside, and perhaps someone with experience could comment, but after editing this manual, I feel like […]

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Cyber War Blitzkrieg

Cyber War, Blitzkrieg, and John Boyd’s Patterns of Conflict   David A. Shunk Col, USAF, Ret. 25 September 2008 [Editor’s note:  Dave Shunk is a retired USAF Colonel, B-52G pilot, and Desert Storm combat veteran whose last military assignment was as the B-2 Vice Wing Commander of the 509th Bomb Wing, Whitman AFB, MO. Currently […]

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Revenge of the Road Warrior

Finally, a decline-of-the-state book that not only doesn’t depend on Martin van Creveld’s work, but doesn’t even mention it. And it’s a pretty good one. FROM THE NEW MIDDLE AGES TO A NEW DARK AGE: THE DECLINE OF THE STATE AND U.S. STRATEGY, by Phil Williams. Dr. Williams is Visiting Research Professor at the Army’s […]

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