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On War # 260: Ancient History

William S. Lind May 27, 2008 When the world was young and hope dared live in Washington, a small group of people put together something called the Military Reform Movement. Its purpose was to measure defense policies and programs by the standard of what works in combat rather than who benefits financially. Launched in the […]

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Warning order

The 2008 Boyd Conference is now scheduled for December 6 & 7 At the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown. Festivities will start with happy hour on the evening of December 5th. The reason for the slip was not to ensure that attendees get a real taste of late fall Canadian weather — because the […]

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Selecting for Auftragstaktik

The Norwegian Navy is doing some interesting work in developing tools to measure how well individuals and groups are able to function under a climate that encourages mission-type orders. The development of such a climate is a component of the Joint Operational Doctrine of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

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Can the defense budget go down?

Seydlitz89 raised an interesting point in a comment to a my post, The Future of Conflict: From a Clausewitzian perspective, specific political interests/objective politics runs what passes for US policy today, what Max Weber would have called political or adventure capitalism. Also the character of the state defines the character of its policies. Thus reducing […]

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The Decline of Strategic Theory

Seydlitz89 has contributed the attached critique (170KB PDF) of Martin van Creveld’s

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Alternative Definitions of “4GW”

A new generation? When Bill Lind, Keith Nightengale, John Schmitt, Joseph Sutton, and GI Wilson published the paper that introduced the term “fourth generation warfare,” they were speculating: Is it not about time for a fourth generation to appear? If so, what might it look like? They posed two broad alternatives, a technology-driven fourth generation […]

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Boyd Blogging Bonanza

From zenpundit: On Monday February 4th, Chicago Boyz will be hosting a blogging roundtable on Science, Strategy and War: The Strategic Theory of John Boyd by Colonel Frans P. Osinga. Slightly over ten years since his death, the influential strategist and iconoclastic USAF Colonel John Boyd remains a subject of controversy despite the fact that […]

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Destabilizing the Islamic World

In this case, Pakistan. DNI is publishing an excerpt from Gabriel Kolko’s 2002 book, Another Century of War? that provides interesting background about what’s going on in that country. Read more (on the original DNI site)

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