Congratulations America!

[Click for a larger image] Here in the United States, we just wrapped up a hard fought — sometimes bitterly so — passionate, and hideously expensive election campaign.  Without any incidents of rioting or significant violence.  For our overseas visitors: We elected a president, one-third of the Senate, all of the House, and numerous offices at the state and local level, not to mention voting on pages of ballot initiatives and proposed state constitutional amendments, all presented in some obscure dialect of Legalese.

We did it.  Congratulations to everyone who participated from any and all parties — to everybody who ran for office, worked the phones, walked the neighborhoods, donated money, and voted.  You did good.  You are truly warriors for democracy.

[“Obama in Charlotte,” November 3, 2008, by North Carolina photographer Katie Langley.  For information on this picture, please contact info at]

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