DNI is back

After about a week of “Internal Server Error” messages.  It turns out that the error was probably created by the WordPress blogging software.  As some of you know, although DNI is a WordPress blog, it resides within the original DNI website on Network Solutions.  NS offers an easy way to download and embed the WordPress blogging software into its sites.

Tech support at NS correctly identified the problem as a corrupted .htaccess file, but wasn’t aware that this condition can be caused by WordPress.  Because they don’t support “custom .htaccess” files, they fixed the offending lines, loaded the site (just to prove that they had identified the cause of the problem), then restored the .htaccess file to its original state, which, of course, caused the site to crash, again.  Thanks, guys.  And they have refused to do anything else, even though it was apparently caused by software downloaded and installed from their site.

Here’s a page from the WordPress site that addresses this problem (scroll down about a third of the way).  From what I can tell, their solutions would require access to NS’s servers, which I don’t have.  Instead, I commented out the offending lines, then installed a new version of WordPress software from my NS Account Manager.

Many thanks to all of you who offered suggestions.  Your advice was invaluable in restoring DNI.

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