Fabius crosses his Rubicon

Neutrality on the Afghan War is no longer an option:

Hawks usually give two justifications for the war:

  • to prevent another 9-11, and
  • to build a stable and “good” Afghanistan (good being defined in many ways — cherishing human rights, prosperous, democratic, etc).

The first is the Big Lie. …

That should give you the idea.  Join the debate, on whichever side you feel appropriate, at his blog.

The heat on this issue is rising.  As Juan Cole notes in his blog today:

The bad news for Obama is that liberals and Democrats are far more hostile to the Afghanistan War than are Republicans. The Democratic majority in the House and the Senate could, if these numbers keep going south, become sufficiently afraid of their constituents that they vote to stop funding the war. Some close observers of Washington think the president only has a year or two before that confrontation with Congress takes place.

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