First the finanicial meltdown, then

lots of other stuff, including defense, joins in.  Rob Paterson has a detailed look at this issue, along with an extensive review of America’s Defense Meltdown, on his blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

What America does confront are “people’s wars”. Our “enemies” are not states at all. Aircraft carriers are impotent when facing a guerrilla movement. So are high tech bombers and high tech fighters – so are high tech main battle tanks – so are conventional infantry. The battle field is in the minds of people. The more you use direct force, the more you lose. As it is the US has not won a single people’s conflict since 1945 but it keeps on trying.

What’s really depressing is that as a country dedicated to economic opportunity for anyone willing to work for it, individual rights, justice for all and malice towards none, we should have won them all.  Every one.

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