New 4GW COIN / Police Tactics Manual

The second in the series of manuals and revisions from the 4GW Seminar at MCB Quantico, FMFM 1-3A, A Tactical Handbook for Counterinsurgency and Police Operations.

Here’s the preface:

Why another hip-pocket guide for counterinsurgency? What makes this different? This handbook is an offering from a group of Marine officers who feel that current doctrine is rapidly diverging from the intent of maneuver doctrine. Where other manuals aim to put current conflicts into the Maoist/Nationalist mold of the Twentieth century and aim to identify successful techniques, this book seeks to bring about a change in approach and thinking which is timeless. In an age where war is no longer monopolized by armies but is waged by non-governmental entities, ethnic groups, tribes, federal agencies and militias, we find it necessary to look to parallels and successful thought processes in the inter-agency arena. This we may apply to the current and future conflicts of a 4GW nature. Our hope is to complement the FMFM-1A and provide a useful springboard of thoughts and practices.

Available from our 4GW Manuals page.

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