New Light Infantry Manual

The latest in the series of manuals for fourth generation warfare is now available from our 4GW Manuals page.

The authors, the Fourth Generation Warfare Seminar at Quantico, observe that:

The light infantryman characterizes himself by his mental resourcefulness and physical toughness. Light infantry’s inborn self-reliance (the reason they were chosen to join Light Infantry units), reinforced by hard training, convinces them that they are able to overcome the most difficult situations that combat could present. Light infantrymen do not feel defeated when surrounded, isolated or confronted by superior forces. They are able to perform their duties for long periods of time without any type of comfort or logistical support, obtaining what they need from the land or the enemy. They are neither physically nor psychologically tied to the rear by the necessity to maintain open lines of communication. This attitude of self-confidence provides LI a great psychological advantage over its enemies. Thanks to its decentralized command philosophy, LI operates at a high tempo. An unpredictable ambush mentality and reluctance to follow a specified method is the essence of LI.

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