Sign up for 4gw (Part II)

You could simply refuse to be terrorized.  Send this to your elected officials:

I am not afraid of terrorism, and I want you to stop being afraid on my behalf. Please start scaling back the official government war on terror. Please replace it with a smaller, more focused anti-terrorist police effort in keeping with the rule of law. Please stop overreacting. I understand that it will not be possible to stop all terrorist acts. I accept that. I am not afraid.

Thanks to cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier, who posted it on his blog today.

In The Changing Face of War, Martin van Creveld observed that in these non-trinitarian “wars amongst the people” (Gen. Sir Rupert Smith’s phrase):

Compared with the willingness or lack of it, in men (and women) to die for their cause, virtually all questions of policy, organization, doctrine, training, and equipment pale into insignificance. (p. 228)

Those who are attacking us have proven that they are not afraid to die for their causes, yet we act like we’re terrified of getting hurt. How do you expect that plays to the uncommitted around the world?

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