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Americans are only beginning to realize what they’re up against, Inbal Nachum of the [Israeli] Home Front Command says forebodingly. “Americans don’t understand — you don’t understand — what it is like… [when terrorism] just is … just is the reality.

“They say the difference is that in America talk is about preventing terrorism; here in Sderot talk is about how to maintain sanity and group strength in the face of it. …

When — or perhaps if — terrorism strikes American soil again, America should do more than retaliate, they should also build up a community capable of bouncing back time and again.

Americans don’t ‘get’ terrorism,
by Amar C. Bakshi,,
7 December 2007.

The Critical Incident Management Institute at Greenville (SC) Tech has announced a series of courses and classes by noted disaster preparedness guru Dale Stewart.

Dale bases his courses on such state-of-the-art techniques as Boyd’s organizational climate and OODA loop, recognition-primed decision making, and adaptive leadership.

Most visitors of this blog and DNI will recognize these from their use by the US Marine Corps and by our elite special operations forces.

For more information please see the Crisis Decisionmaking Brochure and to enroll in any of these classes, please visit the CIMI web site.

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