From James Fallows’ blog:

Does this mean that everything Gates proposes is right, that the defense budget has been pared to the essentials, and that all systemic problems have been solved? Of course not. The best single starting point for the necessary ongoing critique is the venerable “Defense and the National Interest” site here, or the book America’s Defense Meltdown which I have so often touted, now on sale here.

I’ll take that as a compliment.  DNI began ten years ago, almost to the day, to house the comments — blasters as they were known — that Chuck Spinney was writing at the time.  If you’re interested, they’re still here.  Our development costs were covered by a grant from the Project on Government Oversight, and many thanks, again, to our good friends at POGO.

And, of course, thanks to James Fallows for his encouragement over the years.  Go pay a visit to his blog and subscribe to the very venerable Atlantic (I do).

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